Making DASS-only podcasts visible to all students on the course


Opting out of recordings means that podcasts are still made but will only be visible to staff and any DASS students on the course. If you have previously opted-out but now wish to make the podcasts available to all of the students on the course, there are two ways to do this.
You can either download and re-upload the podcasts to the course to remove the permission restrictions, or you can embed the existing podcasts into your Blackboard page in order to allow all students to view them. The steps for both options are detailed below.

Embedding podcasts in Blackboard to remove the DASS restriction

  1. Click the Options button beneath the podcast in the Video Portal, and click ‘Video Info’ to see the embed code.
  2. Highlight and copy this code.
  3. Paste this code into the HTML of the content area or page within Blackboard where you want the podcast to appear. The video will then appear in that page as part of the content, so students will not need to go elsewhere to view it.
    More information on embedding can be found here.

Re-uploading podcasts to remove the DASS restriction

  1. Download the opted-out podcasts from the Video Portal using the download video option located in the Options button beneath each video.
  2. It is also recommended that you download the existing subtitle file if it is available (by clicking Download subtitles link under the Options button).
  3. Upload each podcast back into your course using the My Videos upload page. See the Uploading to the Video Portal FAQ page for more information. Please note – it is advised to click the Advanced Options button on the Upload tab, and choose “Expert” when uploading these videos, as they have already been encoded with the correct settings.
  4. You can also upload the existing subtitle file under the Advanced Options area.
  5. Once the videos are published (you should receive an email confirmation) you can remove the original (now duplicated) podcasts from your course by selecting the ‘Remove video’ link from the Options menu under the appropriate videos on the Video Portal.

If you need any further help, you should raise a support ticket.
(Please note if you are not already logged into the support system, you will be directed to the homepage, so once logged in – please click this link again and you will be redirected).