Podcast Locations

The following A-Z list shows all locations across campus which are currently equipped with podcasting facilities.

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CTS – Central Teaching Space      – Type of mic       – Video camera       – Recording light

Room Name Room Owner
Alan Turing G107 CTS USB
Alan Turing G108 CTS USB
Alan Turing G109 CTS USB
Alan Turing G110 CTS USB
Alan Turing G113 CTS USB
Alan Turing G114 CTS USB
Alan Turing G205 CTS USB
Alan Turing G207 CTS USB
Alan Turing G209 CTS USB
Beyer Theatre CTS USB
Chemistry G08 CTS USB
Chemistry G51 CTS Lectern/wireless
Chemistry G53 CTS Lectern/wireless
Chemistry G54 CTS Lectern/wireless
Coupland 1 Pear Theatre CTS USB
Crawford House 1.12 AMBS USB
Crawford House Seminar Room A CTS USB
Crawford House Seminar Room B CTS USB
Crawford House Seminar Room C CTS USB
Crawford House Seminar Room D CTS USB
Crawford House Seminar Room E CTS USB
Crawford House Theatre 1 CTS Lectern/wireless
Crawford House Theatre 2 CTS USB
Dover Street 1.005 AMBS USB
Dover Street 1.035 AMBS USB
Dover Street 1.037 AMBS USB
Dover Street B.016 AMBS USB
Dover Street B.017/18 AMBS USB
Dover Street G.045 AMBS USB
Dover Street G.046 AMBS USB
Ellen Wilkinson A2.16 CTS USB
Ellen Wilkinson A2.6 CTS USB
Ellen Wilkinson A2.7 CTS USB
Ellen Wilkinson A3.6 CTS USB
Ellen Wilkinson A3.7 CTS USB
Ellen Wilkinson B2.4 CTS USB
Ellen Wilkinson C5.1 CTS USB
George Begg C1 CTS USB
George Begg C2 CTS USB
George Begg C3 CTS USB
George Begg C5 CTS USB
Humanities Bridgeford St 2.1 IT Services PC cluster USB
Humanities Bridgeford St 2.2 IT Services PC cluster USB
Humanities Bridgeford St Cordingly CTS Lectern/wireless
Humanities Bridgeford St G32 CTS USB
Humanities Bridgeford St G33 CTS USB
Humanities Bridgeford St G6 CTS USB
Humanities Bridgeford St G7 CTS USB
Humanities Bridgeford Street G34 CTS USB
Humanities Bridgeford Street G35 CTS USB
Humanities Bridgeford Street Hanson CTS USB
IT Building 407 Computer Science USB
Jodrell Bank – Wolfson Auditorium School owned room Wireless
Kilburn 1.1 CTS Lectern/wireless
Kilburn 1.3 CTS Lectern/wireless
Kilburn 1.4 CTS Lectern/wireless
Kilburn 1.5 CTS Lectern/wireless
Kilburn 2.15 Computer Science USB
Kilburn 2.19 Computer Science USB
Mansfield Cooper 1.02 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 2.02 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 2.03 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 2.04 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 2.05 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 2.14 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 2.19 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 3.01 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 3.22 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 4.05 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 4.08 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper 4.10 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper G19 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper G20 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper G21 CTS USB
Mansfield Cooper G22 CTS USB
Martin Harris Centre John Casken CTS Lectern/wireless
Michael Smith Seminar Room Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health Lectern/wireless
Pariser C21 CTS USB
Pariser E1 CTS USB
Pariser G21 CTS USB
Pariser G22 CTS USB
Renold C16 CTS Lectern/wireless
Renold C2 CTS Lectern/wireless
Renold C9 CTS Lectern/wireless
Renold D1 CTS USB
Renold D2 CTS USB
Renold D5 CTS USB
Renold D6 CTS USB
Renold D7 CTS USB
Renold E1 CTS USB
Renold E2 CTS USB
Renold E5 CTS USB
Renold E6 CTS USB
Renold E7 CTS USB
Renold F1 CTS USB
Renold F14 CTS USB
Renold F2 CTS USB
Renold F5 CTS USB
Renold F6 CTS USB
Renold G1 CTS USB
Renold G2 CTS USB
Renold G5 CTS USB
Renold G6 CTS USB
Renold H1 CTS USB
Renold H11 CTS USB
Renold H2 CTS USB
Renold H5 CTS USB
Renold H6 CTS USB
Renold J17 CTS USB
Roscoe 1.001 CTS USB
Roscoe 1.002 CTS USB
Roscoe 1.003 CTS USB
Roscoe 1.007 CTS USB
Roscoe 1.008 CTS USB
Roscoe 1.009 CTS USB
Roscoe 1.010 CTS USB
Roscoe 2.10 CTS USB
Roscoe 2.2 CTS USB
Roscoe 2.3 CTS USB
Roscoe 2.4 CTS USB
Roscoe 2.5 CTS USB
Roscoe 2.8 CTS USB
Roscoe 2.9 CTS USB
Roscoe 3.2 CTS USB
Roscoe 3.3 CTS USB
Roscoe 3.4 CTS USB
Roscoe 3.5 CTS USB
Roscoe 4.2 CTS USB
Roscoe 4.3 CTS USB
Roscoe 4.4 CTS USB
Roscoe 4.8 CTS USB
Roscoe Theatre A CTS Lectern/wireless
Roscoe Theatre B CTS Lectern/wireless
Sackville Street C14 CTS USB
Sackville Street C53 CTS USB
Sackville Street C9 CTS USB
Sackville Street D35 CTS USB
Sackville Street D39 CTS USB
Sackville Street D45a School of EEE USB
Sackville Street D45b School of EEE USB
Sackville Street F41 CTS USB
Sackville Street F47 CTS USB
Sackville Street G13D CTS USB
Sackville Street G37 CTS USB
Sackville Street G41 CTS USB
Sackville Street H10 CTS USB
Sackville Street J15 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A101 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A102 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A104 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A112 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A113 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A114 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A115 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A116 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A18 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A201 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A202 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A213 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A213A CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A214 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A215 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander A7 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander SLG12 CTS Lectern/wireless
Samuel Alexander SG16 CTS USB
Samuel Alexander Theatre CTS Lectern/wireless
Schuster Blackett CTS USB
Schuster Bragg CTS USB
Schuster Moseley CTS USB
Schuster Rutherford CTS Lectern/wireless
Simon 1.34 CTS USB
Simon 2.39 CTS USB
Simon 2.60 CTS USB
Simon 2.61 CTS USB
Simon 3.40 CTS USB
Simon 3.44A AMBS USB
Simon 3.44B AMBS USB
Simon 3.62 CTS USB
Simon 4.04 CTS USB
Simon 4.05 CTS USB
Simon 4.08 CTS USB
Simon 4.09 CTS USB
Simon 4.10 CTS USB
Simon 4.38 CTS USB
Simon 4.47 CTS USB
Simon 4.50 CTS USB
Simon 4.63 CTS USB
Simon 5.04 CTS USB
Simon 5.05 CTS USB
Simon 5.08 CTS USB
Simon 5.09 CTS USB
Simon Theatre A CTS Lectern/wireless
Simon Theatre B CTS Lectern/wireless
Simon Theatre C CTS USB
Simon Theatre D CTS USB
Simon Theatre E CTS Lectern/wireless
St Peters House Chaplaincy CTS USB
Stephen Joseph Studio 1.1 CTS USB
Stephen Joseph Studio 1.2 CTS USB
Stephen Joseph Studio G1 CTS USB
Stephen Joseph Studio G2 CTS USB
Stephen Joseph Studio G3 CTS USB
Stephen Joseph Studio G4 CTS USB
Stephen Joseph Studio G5 CTS USB
Stopford PC Cluster 1 IT Services PC cluster USB
Stopford PC Cluster 2A IT Services PC cluster Lectern/wireless
Stopford PC Cluster 2B IT Services PC cluster Lectern/wireless
Stopford PC Cluster 2C IT Services PC cluster Lectern/wireless
Stopford PC Cluster 2D IT Services PC cluster Lectern/wireless
Stopford Theatre 1 CTS Lectern/wireless
Stopford Theatre 2 CTS Lectern/wireless
Stopford Theatre 3 CTS Lectern/wireless
Stopford Theatre 4 CTS USB
Stopford Theatre 5 CTS USB
Stopford Theatre 6 CTS Lectern/wireless
The Mill B19 CTS USB
The Mill D38 CTS USB
University Place 1.218 CTS USB
University Place 1.219 CTS USB
University Place 2.217 CTS USB
University Place 2.218 CTS USB
University Place 2.219 CTS USB
University Place 2.220 CTS USB
University Place 3.204 CTS USB
University Place 3.205 CTS USB
University Place 3.209 CTS USB
University Place 3.210 CTS USB
University Place 3.211 CTS USB
University Place 3.212 CTS USB
University Place 3.213 CTS USB
University Place 3.214 CTS USB
University Place 4.204 CTS USB
University Place 4.205 CTS USB
University Place 4.206 CTS USB
University Place 4.207 CTS USB
University Place 4.208 CTS USB
University Place 4.209 CTS USB
University Place 4.210 CTS USB
University Place 4.211 CTS USB
University Place 4.212 CTS USB
University Place 4.213 CTS USB
University Place 4.214 CTS USB
University Place 5.204 CTS USB
University Place 5.205 CTS USB
University Place 5.206 CTS USB
University Place 5.207 CTS USB
University Place 5.209 CTS USB
University Place 5.210 CTS USB
University Place 5.211 CTS USB
University Place 5.212 CTS USB
University Place 6.205 CTS USB
University Place 6.206 CTS USB
University Place 6.207 CTS USB
University Place 6.208 CTS USB
University Place 6.210 CTS USB
University Place 6.211 CTS USB
University Place 6.212 CTS USB
University Place 6.213 CTS USB
University Place Theatre A CTS Lectern/wireless
University Place Theatre B CTS Lectern/wireless
Vaughan House G008 Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health USB
Williamson 2.05 CTS USB
Williamson 2.06 CTS USB
Williamson 3.10 School Owned Room USB
Williamson 4.04 CTS USB
Williamson 4.07 School Owned Room USB
Williamson 4.08 School Owned Room USB
Williamson G03 CTS USB
Williamson G33 CTS USB
Williamson G47 CTS USB
Zochonis B22 CTS USB
Zochonis B23 CTS USB
Zochonis B24 CTS USB
Zochonis B25 CTS USB
Zochonis B26 CTS USB
Zochonis Lecture Room E CTS USB
Zochonis Theatre A CTS USB
ZochonisTheatre B CTS USB
ZochonisTheatre C CTS USB
ZochonisTheatre D CTS USB