Additional editing of Podcast Studio recordings

Podcast Studio only supports basic trimming of videos, i.e. sections can be removed from the beginning and the end.

If you require further editing of sections, you can tick the ‘edit in Podcast Video Editor’ option before uploading it to the Video Portal. This will allow you to trim sections from any part of the recordings, but if you require additional features, such as adding title screens, swapping between video/display – then you will need to save the recordings made with Podcast Studio and edit them using your own editing software.

The format of recordings saved from Podcast Studio varies depending upon the operating system and browser used. In most cases the file will be either a WEBM (.webm) or MKV (.mkv) video file.

Recordings of display and camera are saved as separate video files – which can be useful if you decide to edit the podcasts in your own editing software.

If the editing software you use does not support WEBM files, you will need to convert the video into a different format (such as MP4) before it can be used.

Free open-source editing software

The software linked below supports WEBM files, and it free to download and install. If you need help using the software, you can contact your Faculty elearning team for help.

Shotcut – available for Windows/Mac/Linux

Shotcut does support WEBM files, but if you experience issues, it is recommended to follow the steps below to ensure the video can be edited:

  1. Import the video into Shotcut
  2. Click Properties and select the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) for additional options
  3. Choose ‘convert to edit-friendly‘ and select a quality option – in most cases Good/MP4 will be fine.

Openshot – available for Windows/Mac/Linux and supports WEBM files.