Using podcasts in 2021/22 courses


To support hybrid teaching the lecture capture service will be recording lectures scheduled in the timetable and booked via the scheduling tool. Some useful information can be found below on how to record locally, upload and release these recordings.


Record a podcast on your own device

There are a number of options available for recording podcasts, information on some recommended methods can be found on our Record a podcast page. Once you have recorded your podcast, you should upload it to the relevant 2021/22 course area of the Video Portal.


“Selective release” of podcasts

It is not possible to specify a future date for an uploaded podcast to become available, however there are ways in which you can upload a podcast ahead of time, and then make it available to students when needed.

Upload as private and embed in Blackboard

Upload your videos to an area other than a course (such as a School area) and set their visibility as private (“only me”). This way the videos will only be visible to yourself on the Video Portal, but they can still be embedded into a Blackboard course (where the student can view it). Blackboard pages with embedded videos can be hidden from student view until required. Details on embedding are found in this FAQ page.

Upload as private then move videos to course when needed

Videos uploaded as private can be edited to be moved to a course area (which will set their visibility automatically to all staff/students on the course) by following the instructions below.

  • Go to the My Videos tab:
  • Click the switch to Manage Videos button
  • Select Edit next to therelevant podcast
  • In the course/organisation box, choose your course from the list
  • The visible to box will automatically change to ‘selected course/organisation’ – meaning that the podcast will only be available to staff/students on that course

Uploading to combined courses

In order to upload a video to a combined course area – you should be able to select any one of the individual course units on the combined course, and this will upload to the combined area (as long as the combined course has been activated correctly).

For example, if there was a combined course of BIOL20501/BIOL30501 – you will only be able to see the individual courses in the upload tool (i.e. BIOL20501 and BIOL30501 separately) – but uploading to one of these should result in the video going to the combined course area on the Video Portal.

In some cases this does not occur due to the activation of the courses being inaccurate, so you might need to contact us to let us know.


Scheduling a recording in a teaching room on campus

It is possible to schedule a recording in a limited number of teaching rooms on-campus – specifically rooms on the first, second and third floor of University place, and Lecture Theatres A and B.

If an event needs to be recorded by the Podcasting service, it must first be booked into one of the specified rooms in the timetable by contacting the Central Timetabling Team ( It will then appear on the Podcast Schedule tool, where it can be scheduled to record.

We recommend that you select the edit/review option when scheduling a recording, to ensure you can edit out any unnecessary content before publishing.