Logitech wireless presenter remote

The podcast system is able to record interactions with the screen (i.e. highlighting and magnification) made using the Logitech wireless presentation.

Note: before first use the remote will need to be charged, connect the charging cable provided in the box to your computer. The remote will show a flashing LED light on the top to indicate it is charging.

To use the highlighting and magnifying features of the remote pointer, the Logitech Presenter software needs to be installed.

To install on a managed computer

If the software has not been used in a teaching location previously go to Software Centre, search for “Logitech” and install the Logitech Presenter software.

To install on a non-managed computer

Go to http://www.logitech.com/presentation, select Download software, and choose your operating system.

Once installed, the software will guide you through the next steps.

How to use

Once the Presenter software is installed – it will take you through a quick guide on using the remote.

You will need to enable the magnifying feature as it is disabled by default. If the Presenter menu is not already open, access it by clicking on the Spotlight icon located in the notification area of Windows or the taskbar on a Mac.

Turn on magnify by selecting the magnify option.

During a presentation – double-click the top button on the remote to switch between the highlight and magnify features.