External/guest speakers


Guest lecturers – if you are not a University member of staff and deliver a course lecture; you should have been informed that a recording of your lecture may take place. The University records all lectures in podcast-enabled locations, unless they are opted-out, but even in this case a recording may still be made to accomodate students who are registered with the Disability Advisory Support Service (DASS).

If you wish to edit or remove a podcast for a lecture you delivered, you contact the relevant School at the University but please note it is not possible for non-University staff to access the Podcast Video Editor, so you may need to co-ordinate this with your contact in the School.

If you have any questions or issues, you can contact us.

Information for schools – if a guest/external speaker will be delivering lectures as part of a taught course unit – you must ensure that they are provided, and complete, a consent form – which you should then store for your records. Click to download the consent form.