Multiple Staff Opt-out Emails


Apologies if you are a member of staff that has received multiple opt-out emails this week. There are several reasons that we send opt-out emails more than once, such as detecting significant changes in the timetabling of a course, however this week there was a specific cause that lead to more email traffic than normal. In order to select recordings to be made for students registered with The Disability Advisory Support Service (DASS), we connect to an application that helps us to calculate which courses DASS students are enrolled on, without the podcasting service knowing specifically who these students are. Recently some updates to this application changed a bunch of variables that made it appear as if a large number of DASS students had left the enrolment of many courses. Fortunately this has now been fixed, how ever we still need to notify staff by email if their courses are now flagged to be recorded for DASS students. This means one last round of sending emails and then you should here from the Podcasting Service only if there are significant changes to your course in future.

Best Regards

Stuart Phillipson

Media Technologies Team Lead