Visibility settings for uploaded video

When videos are uploaded there are certain options available for visibility – this only affects visibility on the Video Portal itself, and not embedded videos.

It is not possible to control who can/cannot view a video once it is embedded outside of the Video Portal, so you must ensure that appropriate access controls are in place wherever a video is embedded. For example, if the video should only be visible once logged into the University login service (CAS) – then you need to ensure the page where the video is embedded requires a CAS login.

The options for visibility on the Video Portal are:

  • Public – anyone with the link can view the video
  • All staff/students – only logged-in users can see the video
  • Selected course/organisation – only users who are part of the selected School/Faculty will be able to see the video (for courses, only staff/students on the course will have access)
  • Only me – the video will only be visible to yourself (and system admin)

Changing visibility after a video has been published

After a video has been published, you can change it’s visibility by going to the My Videos tab of the Video Portal and clicking the Manage tab. Press the details option next to the relevant video in the list, and on the new page select the appropriate visible to option and click Update. Changes usually take effect after approximately 10 minutes.

Note it is not currently possible to update the visibility settings of multiple videos at once – each video would need to be changed individually.