Record a presentation using Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint can be used to record a presentation (with audio) which can be exported as an MP4 video file and uploaded to the Video Portal in order to use in your course. Instructions are below.

The procedure will vary for different version of Powerpoint, Instructions for recording a presentation in Powerpoint 365 can be found here.

The guide below details the steps for making a presentation video Powerpoint, and then uploading it to the Video Portal.

Make a presentation using Powerpoint

Make/open your presentation files in Powerpoint as usual. You now need to record the audio narration for each slide. Ensure you have a microphone connected to your device.

Record narration and timings

  1. Select Slide Show > Record Slide Show
  2. Choose to record from the beginning or from the current slide
  3. Ensure the ‘narration, ink and laser pointer’ option is selected
  4. Press Start Recording
  5. Start speaking – note that audio will not record when slide transitions happen, so let the transition finish before you start speaking.

You will now notice that your slides have a sound icon in the corner which indicates that audio narration has been recorded.
You can remove narrations from a slide by choosing Record Slide Show > Clear.

Ensure you save your presentation when narrations have been recorded.

Export the presentation as a video

  1. After saving your presentation, choose File > Export > Create a video.
  2. We advise that you select Internet Quality (medium file size, 1280 x 720).
  3. Ensure “Use recorded timings and narrations” is selected, and change the default time spent on each slide if required.
  4. Press Create Video and choose a destination for saving the MP4 file.

Upload the recording to the Video Portal

Upload your recording to the Video Portal by following the instructions in our How to Upload FAQ.

Video guide to recording with Powerpoint