Why do I receive the “set your recording preferences email” multiple times?

The podcast system synchronises with the timetable to receive updates on scheduled events and courses. These updates can include changes to dates, times or locations for lectures, or DASS students being added or removed.

Whenever a change is detected to a course which is scheduled to record for podcasting – the system automatically sends an email to all staff associated with that course in the timetable. This is to prompt staff members to check their recording preferences using the opt-out link sent in the email.

If you make a recording preference and then receive the opt-out email again – your previous preference will still be applied (the exception to this is in the case that previous events are completely removed from the timetable and then re-added as new).

Please note that where multiple staff are linked to a course unit; any one of those staff members can set a recording prefernce at any time and the system will always use the last decision made. This means that when a staff member chooses a recording preference for one event – that choice will override any previous choices.