Delaying the release of podcasts

If you wish to have podcasts recorded but only made available at a specific time, there are two ways this can be achieved.


1 – Upload a video and leave it in the editor until ready to publish
2 – Upload a video as private to an area other than a course, then move it to the course when ready

Upload and keep in editor

  1. Upload the video to the course area and ensure you check the “edit before publishing” option (under Advanced Options).
  2. When you receive the editor link – you can mark any segments you wanted removed, and click the save edits button.
  3. When you are ready to make the video available to students, access the editor link in the email again, and this time choose Publish.

Please note that for automatically recorded lectures (not uploaded videos) – if there are DASS students on the course who require podcasts, the podcasts are published automatically 24 hours after the lecture takes place, so they will be visible to staff and DASS-students, but not all students on the course.

Upload as private

  1. Upload the video to a School area and ensure the visible to box is set to “only me” (tick edit before publishing under Advanced Options if necessary)
  2. Video will be published in the School area visible only to you (and system administrators)
  3. When you are ready to make the video available to students, go to the Manage Videos tab and click “edit” next to the relevant video in the list.
  4. Change the course/organisation to the course unit and click Update. Once processed, the video will be available to staff/students enrolled on that course.