Podcast Studio Issues

When it comes to uploading your recordings, sometimes you may find an error message appearing, such as “connection to podcast server is not fully established“. This usually occurs because your authentication session has timed out and, although Podcast Studio tries to mitigate this, it doesn’t detect it in all possible cases.

If this happens, you should open another browser tab and navigate to the University Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page. Log in if you are not already, or if the page is showing you as logged in, press the log out button and then try logging in again.

Return back to the original tab, and in some cases, the browser manages to refresh your authentication status after a few minutes – but if this does not happen, you should refresh the page (save any recordings you have made first so they do not get discarded).

If you are unable to upload the recordings as intended, it is recommended to save them to your device, as they can then be uploaded directly to the Video Portal manually, as mentioned in the next section.

Uploading Podcast Studio recordings manually

Recordings saved from Podcast Studio can be uploaded manually to the Video Portal.

Please note that the format of the recordings will vary depending upon the device and browser used, but they are usually in the webm format which can be uploaded to the Video Portal. For help with uploading see this FAQ.

Separate camera and display recordings

If you have recorded both display and camera, these recordings will be saved as individual files and would need to be edited together before uploading, in order to have both present in a single video.

To do this, you can use any editing software, some freely available options are mention on this page.

Further help

If you require further help, please contact us via the Support Centre.
(Note if you are not already logged into the support system, you will be directed to the homepage, so once logged in – please click this link again and you will be directed to the correct form).